Pull it together Amy!

This week, I’ve been recovering from a small procedure I had on Monday. Overall, I’m just plain tired. It’s been hard to sleep and we were out of town, so didn’t sleep as well as I do in my own bed. I think I wore pajamas every day, laid on ice, heat… it’s been a blur!  Each day is better, but I’m still working on catching up on sleep.

I got an invitation to our homeschool moms’ get together this weekend. My oldest child attends Classical Conversations. It was kind of them to include me, because I actually don’t even go to the group. My mom takes Aidan for me and I rest on those days. I haven’t done anything social with friends in- hmm…almost two years I think? Since before Lana was born and she’s almost 21 months old.  The mom who invited me lives in my neighborhood, walking distance for the kids. I knew they wouldn’t mind if I laid on the couch- these are true friends who just enjoy my company!

I decided to surprise everyone, even myself, and say “yes!” I wanted to pull it together, and put my best foot forward. Every time my kids see me dressed nicely, they ask if I have a doctor’s appointment:) Gosh, it’s time for me to pull it together more often! I learned to contour like the pros from a friend, and James got me this fun make-up for Christmas from Maskcara Beauty. Drumroll… Here’s the before and after shots!




I am getting a lot of use out of my Christmas present! I wore white peach, walnut/olive, black cherry, rose gold, and London and amethyst on my eyes.  I got the chance to wear my favorite Shelly Brown earrings and stacked bracelets as well. Thanks to James’s Christmas present and Shelly’s sense of style, I pulled it together for a couple of hours! Huge step forward for me.











More Makeovers!

Everyone loves good before and after pics right? What makes them great is when the before pictures look horrendous, and the after pictures look magical. I think I pulled that off! haha. I’m a little pale (who isn’t, in the middle of winter?) and not in the best of health, so I have a general fatigued look- which is a nice way of saying, I look tired all of the time! We had a simple family movie night, last night, and just for the heck of it, I wanted to look nice! Here’s a before and an after, of me wearing

White Peach | Walnut mixed with Olive | Black Cherry | Pearl |  eyes- Stardust | Finn

This is all very new to me, and I asked for it for Christmas, as a way to encourage myself to look pulled together more often:) Being housebound mostly, and not in great health left me with a very different sense of self, and it took me a long time to feel any self worth, at all. All of my independence was gone, my nurturing side, my love of cleaning! I could no longer do any of that, and I’ve had to adjust how I view myself as a wife and mother. I don’t think I need a special occasion to look healthy, glowing, and happier!